Sony will skip PAX East 2020, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access - Gaming News Digest # 2.03. Part two (Topic)

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Sony will skip PAX East 2020, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access - Gaming News Digest # 2.03. Part two


We will also tell you in the digest about: new gameplay Serious Sam 4, new VR controllers from Sony, future announcement of PlatinumGames and Paradox Interactive's experiments with game sales.

Sony to skip PAX East 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak

This year's PAX East 2020 is taking place in Boston, Massachusetts from February 27 to March 1. This time the exhibition will do without one major participant - Sony. The company refused to participate in it due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. According to the PlayStation blog, the company doesn't want to put its employees in danger.


Sony is disappointed that it had to make this decision, but with the disease changing every day, they realized that employee health is more important.

The decision is quite weighty, but still offensive. The company was going to bring about 20 demo versions of games to the exhibition, including TLoU 2, which was shown to reporters last year. As a reminder, this is not the first time the coronavirus has affected the gaming industry. Read about all the previous cases separately.

Sony patented new VR controllers

But there is some good news from the Japanese company. Pathfinders around the world stumbled upon a patent for new devices from Sony, similar to controllers for VR.


The device has a description, which says that the device has sensors that respond to the user's fingers, as well as to direct touch.

The controller consists of a strap, sensors located under the fingers, a trigger, and on the back you can see four buttons that surround either one more button or a joystick.

According to any Internet theory, this is a controller for PS VR-2. But it is worth recalling that very often such patents do not live up to production.


PS5 will go on sale this year. The manufacturer calls the development of virtual reality an important part of its strategy.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Coming To Early Access March 31st

TaleWorlds Entertainment announced last year Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and initially admitted that they would release the game in Early Access. Now they have announced a specific release date for the game in Early Access. It will appear on Steam, EGS and the developer's website on March 31 with a price tag of $ 49.99. The game will hang out in this state for a year.


According to developers, the game already has a lot of content, and it works stably. The truth is still not without mistakes - this is obvious. The studio plans to introduce the raising of rebellions, the creation of a kingdom, crafting and other functions into the game.

Let us remind you that the events of this game unfold 200 years before the start of the Warband. The action will take place in the fictional Calradia.

Sledgehammer in a new slice of Serious Sam 4 gameplay

Devolver Digital continues to pretend that they have sent their spy to Croteam, who fuses the gameplay of Serious Sam 4.


Well, it's time to take it for granted and wish our secret agent good luck in finding new interesting information. In a small screen, we can see how Sam, using his famous double-barreled rifle, shoots at a big man with a sledgehammer - this is the new enemy of Brute Zealot.

Last time we were shown a shotgun hanging in the air and a headless kamikaze. The game will definitely be released on PC, but it is not known when.

Paradox Interactive wants to sell games outside Steam and see what comes out

This week Paradox Interactive released their financials for last year. Publishing chief Ebba Jungerud says that for Paradox, the past year was the beginning of a path to new heights.

The publisher wants to distribute their games through the platforms and distribution channels that users like best. Steam has been their main partner for the past few years and events such as Paradox Interactive Weekend have always been profitable for the publisher.


However, over time, the rules and behavior of players change, and the publisher wants to experiment and go beyond the steam. So, for example, Surviving the Aftermath was released exclusively on EGS, the publisher puts games on Xbox Game Pass, and is also testing a subscription based on Europa Universalis IV. No one will refuse Steam, but the publication is looking for a new audience.

This year Paradox is also launching its ambitious projects like Crusader Kings III, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and Empire of Sin, so 2020 can really be called a new stage in their lives.

Jungerud also commented on the situation with Imperator Rome. The game was not greeted too warmly at first, but recently the incentive reviews have changed to positive. Jungerud cited this as an example of how they can partner with players and listen to their criticism and develop their franchises.

The report also contains information that Paradox Interactive has reallocated resources and is now investing 34% more money into development and less on marketing.

PlatinumGames is preparing a major announcement on February 27

At the beginning of the month, PlatinumGames shared with us information about Platinum 4 - the announcement of four studio projects. The first announcement is already known to us - this is a re-release of The Wonderful 101, money for which is collected through Kickstarter. Another announcement is coming soon.

According to Famitsu, a major announcement will take place in the latest issue of the magazine on February 27th. We don't know anything else.


Fans of the studio are already joking on Twitter about Hideki Kamiya, CEO of PlatinumGames, who loves answering questions about new news or announcements with the phrase: "Next week ... In game magazines ...".

This was all the news for the weekend. Stay tuned until next week ... In game digests ...

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