Power of Xbox Series X, Kojima Production will skip GDS 2020, the new Cyberpunk 2077 story character - Gaming News Digest # 2.04. Part one (Topic)

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Power of Xbox Series X, Kojima Production will skip GDS 2020, the new Cyberpunk 2077 story character - Gaming News Digest # 2.04. Part one


Also in the digest: Sony asked to return to PAX East, concept art leaked for Resident Evil 3, DualShock with biofeedback.

12 teraflops and 120 fps is the power of the Xbox Series X


The Xbox website has updated information regarding the Xbox Series X to describe its features and consumer experiences. The following features of the Xbox Series X were mentioned in the article:

  • Microsoft's next console is 12 teraflops, significantly more than its 6 teraflops predecessor.
  • The console is capable of 120 fps, which is its maximum.
  • The console has full backward compatibility with all of its past models. All Xbox One games run on Xbox Series X, including games previously played on XOne on Xbox 360.
  • SSD is inside the console.
  • Installed AMD processor uses Zen 2 architecture and RDNA 2.
  • The console supports Variable Rate Shading technology for developers, which will allow you to increase the frame rate and resolution of the game without sacrificing image quality.
  • The console supports HDMI 2.1 as well as auto-enable low latency.
  • The Quick Continue feature allows you to launch one of several games without loading screens in a matter of seconds.
  • All Xbox Game Studios games will support Fast Shipping, which will allow you to purchase the right version of the game for a specific console once.
  • DirectX-based ray tracing is responsible for realistic acoustics, lights and reflections.
  • The controller has dynamic input lag which makes the control responsive.

As a reminder, the console will appear this year towards the end.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Kojima Production will skip GDS 2020

Just last week, the news that Sony would skip PAX East due to the coronavirus outbreak died down, as Hideo Kojima's studio announced that it would not attend GDS 2020 for the same reason.


At the exhibition, Kojima Production was supposed to give two lectures. The first was led by Death Stranding programmer Eric Johnson, who was supposed to talk about the development of AI for the game. And the second was read by Kojima himself about the philosophy of game design, the analysis of the game concept, storytelling mechanics and a little bit of everything.

Boston Mayor asks Sony to return to PAX East

A week after Sony refused to participate in PAX East 2020 for the reasons already mentioned, it became known that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh sent a letter to President Sonya Kentriro Yoshida asking him to return to the exhibition.

There he said that the risk of contracting coronavirus in Boston is extremely low and the city government has no reason to believe that it is necessary to restrict entry to the city. According to him, fear of illness only increases anxiety, prejudices and stereotypes about Asians.


As Walsh says, these stereotypes have been fought for years and now fear pushes suspicion towards entire groups of people. Boston is actively fighting this and helping people who have somehow suffered from the consequences of the epidemic to recover. He says that Sony, as the largest gaming company, can be a good example for the rest of the industry by showing that they are based not on fear, but on facts.

According to the WCVB publication in Boston, only one case of coronavirus infection was recorded. PAX East organizers have promised that the exhibition will have enhanced sanitary conditions.

For Boston, the exhibition is an important event that attracts many tourists, so it is in their best interest for Sony to come to it with their projects.

[Updated] CD Projekt RED, PUBG Corp., Capcom and Square Enix have announced that they will not be coming to PAX East either, more details in the next digest.

Concept art and new screenshots of Resident Evil 3 Remake have been leaked


The French edition of GamerGen has posted many new screenshots and concept art of RE3 Remake on its website. They did it by accident and immediately deleted the post, but of course everything remained online.


The screenshots show Jill fighting Nemesis, as well as new monsters that have not yet been shown. It is believed that these screenshots should have been published this week anyway, so we should expect more details about the game soon [the developer is still silent at the time of writing].


The game will be released on April 3 on PS4, XOne and PC.

New Sony Patent: DualShock 5 Heart Rate Tracker

Information about Sony's new patent has appeared on the Internet. This time the company has patented a new DualShock, which will track the player's heartbeat, sweating of the palms and change the gameplay in connection with the results obtained. According to the drawings, they should be on the handles of the gamepad. The technology also works in conjunction with VR and PS Camera.


How exactly the gameplay will change - we do not know yet, we can only assume that this will be primarily displayed on the character. As a reminder, Sony patented new VR controllers last week.

Performer Grimes spoke about her role in Cyberpunk 2077. The game will also have one version for Microsoft consoles

Today we have two news about Cyberpunk 2077. To begin with, singer Claire Alice Boucher, better known as Grimes, talked about her role in the game. She will voice the singer Lizzie Wizzy, who committed suicide in concert in the game's universe. She was operated on, replacing body parts with augmentation, and an hour later she was already singing again at the same concert, but as a cyborg.


It also became known that we do not need to pay extra for the version of the game on the next generation console from Microsoft. And although the game has not yet been announced for the next generation of hardware, we understand that it goes without saying.


According to Twitter CD Projekt, when the Xbox Series X version arrives, those who bought the game on Xone will receive a copy for the nextgen for free. She announced this with the words that you can not force a gamer to buy the same game twice. This announcement was made by the Polish studio right after the Xbox published details about the next console, which we wrote about earlier.

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