CD Projekt RED, Square Enix, Capcom and PUBG Corp. will miss PAX East, and EA will not come to GDC 2020 - game news digest no.2.04. Part two (Topic)

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CD Projekt RED, Square Enix, Capcom and PUBG Corp. will miss PAX East, and EA will not come to GDC 2020 - game news digest no.2.04. Part two


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CD Projekt RED, Square Enix, Capcom and PUBG Corp. will also skip PAX East due to coronavirus

While the mayor of Boston was writing a letter to Sony asking them to return to PAX East, it became known that CD Projekt RED, Square Enix, Capcom and PUBG Corp. also decided to skip the event in Boston, citing the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The fact that the Poles from CD Projekt RED will not attend the event was announced by Stephanie Bayer, head of the studio's North American PR department. According to her, the studio was not going to show Cyberpunk 2077 there, but it had other plans, which it has now decided to cancel.

As for the Japanese from Capcom and Square Enix, they partially abandoned the exhibition, severely cutting their program. And even more, both studios decided not to leave their country for a while. Capcom announced in its caption that it is still planning to host the Monster Hunter: Festa event at the show.


PUBG Corp. prepared for the time of PAX East a gathering for fans in one of the major bars in Boston, but due to the coronavirus, they decided to postpone it for the future. When the world situation becomes more stable and suitable for travel, they will organize it.

A small ray of light in the dark abyss of news - CDPR will still arrive at GDC 2020, unlike Kojima Production, and as it became known, Electronic Arts.

EA also won't come to GDC 2020 due to epidemic

And let's go for the last time, only it became known that Kojima Production will not come to GDC 2020, EA announced the cancellation of its trip to this event in San Francisco. The publisher says it is generally going to postpone all of its travel due to the coronavirus outbreak to protect employees.


According to Alex Scherer, a specialist in promotional products at EA, the management instructed to limit the presence of employees at the conference, cancel all its official events, and asks employees themselves to refrain from visiting the exhibition.

GameSpot took a comment from a company representative, who said that EA was monitoring new exacerbations of the disease around the world, and decided to limit its travel to all minor events, which for the publisher is GDC 2020.

At the exhibition itself, representatives of the company and developers had to give a series of lectures on the development of AI in games, talk about testing shooters, management of the studio creating an AAA project, EA's "inner workings", sound creation in Anthem and many other things .

Project GG is a superhero from the creator of DMC and Bayonetta

Not long ago we were informed that Platinum Games is going to announce a new project. He is Project GG superhero from the creator of DMC, Resident Evil 2 and Bayonetta Hideki Kamiya. Project GG will be the culmination of Kamia's personal superhero trilogy, which consists of Viewtiful Joe, The Wonderful 101. They are not connected by plot, but only by concept.

According to information from Gematsu, Viewtiful Joe talks about the ascent of one hero, The Wonderful 101 - about the group, but Project GG will be dedicated to a giant hero. The announcement of the game on the Famitsu pages is accompanied by an illustration of a boy transforming into a giant to fight Godzilla. We don't have the image yet, but we have a teaser for the game.

We are promised that the studio is going to deceive our expectations in a good way and present a whole genre cocktail in the game. Kamiya also said that while working on this project, the studio will for the first time act not only as a developer, but also as a publisher, so she herself controls the entire creative process and promotion. They are willing to take risks that they could not afford before.

At the moment, we already know two projects from Platinum 4: The Wonderful 101: Remastered and Project GG Two more games we have to see, but according to information from the head of Platinum Games Atsushi Inabe, the fourth game will be something that is very her spirit.

Resident Evil 3 Remake: New Gameplay and Demo Release

Recently, Western media attended a special event, where they were given a touch of Resident Evil 3. The ban on the publication of previews is no longer valid, so reviews poured in. What do the Western media think about the game? We will tell you separately, but now about the main thing.

Capcom revealed that the game will have a demo, just like the Resident Evil 2 Remake before. In the meantime, watch the new gameplay videos showing the power of Nemesis. is introducing a refund system that will allow you to refund money for a game even after playing it

According to the updated rules of the site, users can request a refund within 30 days of purchase, even if they have completed the game. In the past, you could return it if you didn't launch it, or if the support team made sure it didn't work.

The store also sells games without DMR, and you can burn it to another medium. Now no one bothers you just to buy the game, go through and get your money back, but CDPR counts on the decency of its users.


The studio reserves the right to cancel the refund request, depending on the situation and the reason for the return. In its post about the new procedure, the studio reached out to those looking to defraud the store. These people were asked not to abuse trust, and to respect the work of the developers and the site. If you do not like the game and want to return it for this reason, it is better to just share your indignation on the forums.

Announcement of Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time - games based on the animated series "Samurai Jack"

A game based on the animated series of the same name by Gendy Tartakovski tells about Samurai Jack, who was locked by the demon Aku in an alternative timeline for human development. He must get out of this alternate reality and defeat Aku.

It's a hack'n'slash by genre, with a lot of ranged and melee weapons. People involved in Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive are working on the game, so you shouldn't worry about the quality of the battles.

The game will be released on PC and all consoles this summer.

That was all this week's news, stay tuned until next week ... in the next digests ...

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