Sony is porting more exclusives to PC, PS5 does not support games from older consoles - game news digest # 1.09. Part one (Topic)

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Sony is porting more exclusives to PC, PS5 does not support games from older consoles - game news digest # 1.09. Part one


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Sony plans to bring more of its exclusives to PC

In its latest corporate report, Sony talked about the direction in business. Fortunately for us, she mentioned in it that she plans to bring even more of her exclusives to PC in the future.


The reason for this decision was the desire of the company to promote further profit growth and increase the number of active users of its environment. Most likely, Sony implies that the PC audience will be interested in the PlayStation, if you give it to try out projects from this platform. More precisely, to lure players with projects of internal studios, the sequels of which will be released exclusively on their next console.

The report also says that the company plans to develop VR as one of the PS5 features. Finally, the SIE say they will continue to expand their family. This means buying new studios that will make exclusive products for them.

PlayStation 5 does not support PS1, PS2 and PS3 games

Xbox Series X will support all games not only from Xbox One, but a huge number of projects from their older consoles. Alas, it seems that PS5 will not be able to boast of such a feature, because we have a reason to realize that it will still not support projects with PS1, PS2 and PS3.

The information came from the Ubisoft PS4 to PS5 Switching Information Page. It says that backward compatibility will only apply to games with PS4. Games from older versions of consoles are out of the question.


However, if you hope that this only concerns the old games of Ubisoft itself, we hasten to upset you, on the page dedicated to the Xbox there is a mention of the backward compatibility of its games between XSX and older versions of Microsoft consoles.

DualSense can generate vibration based on sound

Sony's next gamepad focuses on improved responsiveness and tactility. Sony Technology Magazine has a prime example of the evolution of gamepad vibration. Thus, it is able to generate vibration based on sound.


This new technology was just created to make it easier for developers to introduce vibration into games. So, in the toolkit of the gamepad, developers will be able to skip many of the steps that were during the creation of feedback for the DualShock 4.

After implementing the technology, players will have the impression that all vibrations are created by hand, when in fact they are generated.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Coming In November

We will end our spontaneous news block dedicated to new generation consoles with the news that in November we may be able to try out the new hardware in action. The information came from VGC, who cite their anonymous sources from both companies.

So, both consoles will start in November with a small gap:

  • XSX will hit stores in the first week of November.
  • PS5 will be released in the middle of the month, most likely on the 13th.

Xbox comes out earlier so that in case of any problems they have the opportunity to shift the release by a week, but still go on sale earlier than PS5. Microsoft told its developers about this, according to sources.


As for the PS5, the assumption comes out of the information that in the UK the company has staked out a huge number of billboards for a week. The countdown just starts from the 13th. Plus, Microsoft itself suggests that the competitor's console should come out on that date. Sony are planning a worldwide release, although this may not be possible due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Little Nightmares II Trailer

Last weekend, the annual Gamescom 2020 was held. Alas, this year the exhibition pumped up and was rather plain. One of the few interesting projects shown on it is the sequel Little Nightmares.

The game will be released on November 11 on PC and consoles of the outgoing and next generation. However, the game will be released on PS5 and XSX later this year.

The Pope and His Fur: New Serious Sam 4 Trailer

The new Serious Sam trailer shows a selective dose of madness. So, Sam needs to get to the Vatican, and one old woman advises him to use the Popemobile for this - a huge robot designed specifically for the Pope. All this takes place to the sublime Catholic soundtrack from The Talos Principle, a philosophical puzzle game from the same developer.

The game will be released on September 24 on PC. A version for Xbox One and PS4 is coming next year.

Empire Gameplay in New Star Wars: Squadrons Video

Another interesting moment from Gamescom 2020 is the Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay excerpt, dedicated to the passage of the mission for the Empire. During the demo, we also learned a couple of new facts about the game.

  • It will have two main characters from different sides of the conflict.
  • The entire storyline is also available in VR.
  • During breaks between battles, we can customize our ships, as well as communicate with comrades.

The game will be released on October 2 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Doom Eternal launched at 1000 FPS

At one time, the lead programmer of Id Tech 7 Billy Hann said that the Doom engine is so advanced that in theory it can cover 1000 frames per second. This claim was not forgotten, and Bethesda decided to test it using a powerful computer with liquid nitrogen cooling.

You can watch Doom Eternal at 1000 FPS in the video.

These were all important news from the beginning of the week, stay with us.

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