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Headphones by CaseGuru and Audio-Technica


Wireless headphones are gaining popularity among music lovers. However, wired products do not remain without work so far. Let's take a look at the wireless gadgets CGPods from CaseGuru and ATH-ESW990H from Audio-Technica, working on a wired circuit.

Spectacular CGPods

Some domestic developers delight with their successes, creating products that look decent against the background of competitors. The young company CaseGuru has not yet a very large range of products, but its characteristics meet the highest international standards.

When examining the CGPods headphones in detail, their case, made in the original style, immediately attracts attention. This is a cylinder-shaped case measuring 87 x 32 mm.


This case is ergonomic. It is equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows access to the products themselves. They are tightly fixed in specially provided grooves with the help of magnets. The mount is secure and does not allow the headphones to fall out during any evolutions.

The gadgets themselves look like "plugs", which remains the most popular today. They will organically look in the ears of any user, since they have average sizes. Picky in terms of color, there are two options to choose from - dark gray and white.

Functionality and Ergonomics

The products have a good layout. Due to the presence of additional "ears" on the sides, they are conveniently fixed in the ears and do not remind of themselves due to a successful fit and correctly chosen shape. After long-term wearing, no fatigue or discomfort is observed. This is partly due to the light weight of the headphones.

Each kit comes with an extra pair of ear pads. This allows you to choose products for yourself that make it possible to listen to music in any conditions: while walking; while playing sports; on bike rides. Due to the tight but comfortable fit, they will never fall out.

Gadgets have touch controls. This makes it possible, in addition to turning them on / off, to synchronize and control music. Commands execute quickly, with virtually no delay.

It is allowed to use CGPods as a headset. This is facilitated by the presence of a microphone built into the left earpiece. It has a decent sensitivity, the user is heard even in noisy conditions, for example, at a train station or in the subway. There is support for Bluetooth 4.2, the device can be paired with any smartphone, no matter what OS it is based on, Android or iOS.


Autonomy and sound

The sound quality of the headphones is solid at all frequencies. It should be noted that they work out the upper and middle frequency ranges best of all. The bass sound will suit the average music lover.

Products have good noise isolation and volume margin. When listening to your favorite tracks, the user will feel comfortable even in noisy places. At the same time, the required level of extraneous sounds is preserved. It can be useful, for example, when waiting for the announcement of check-in for a flight at an airport or bus station.

The headphone case has a built-in battery. This allows them to be used autonomously for up to 10 hours, without placing the devices in a case, the time is reduced to three hours. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. Its indication is provided.

Exclusive model from Audio-Technica

Another model appeared in the line of headphones from Audio-Technica - ATH-ESW990H. It can be considered exclusive, because white maple was used as the main production material. Ear pads are made of genuine leather.


White maple is often used in the production of high-end stringed instruments. This allows for high quality sound, especially in the mid and high frequency ranges. Also for this purpose, 42-mm drivers are used in headphones.

The product has a foldable design, which makes it easier to lay them when collecting, for example, on a trip. In addition, the ATH-ESW990H is equipped with proprietary Audio-Technica A2DC connectors for enhanced signal immunity.

A microphone and remote control are built into the headphone cable, which makes it possible to control calls and other device functionality.

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