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Latest news from headphone manufacturers


It is possible that gadgets from the world of headphones do not generate as much interest as, for example, smartphones. However, many music lovers and users who prefer to communicate using these devices will appreciate the latest developments of companies working in this direction.

This issue is dedicated to a product from Xiaomi, similar to Apple AirPods, the legendary Audio-Technica M50x and three HiFiMan gadgets.

Chinese equivalent of Apple AirPods

Two days ago, Xiaomi introduced the wireless-designed headphones to the public, which cost only $ 30. However, they support Bluetooth 5.0.


The procedure for announcing a new product was scheduled for November 8 in New York, but the Chinese could not resist and demonstrated the new product earlier.

Xiaomi named their brainchild AirDots. Their appearance does not reflect the similarity with Apple headphones, but the functionally the products are very similar. Even the charging case has the same white color.

Bluetooth 5.0 promises fewer disconnects, better sync, and longer battery life.

It has now become possible to control the volume, adjust the sound level, control it using the touch panel located on the surface of the products. In addition, users who have a Xiaomi smartphone paired with headphones can use the services of a virtual assistant. Pairing is established automatically, even in the process of removing the headphones from the case.

There is an interesting functional nuance. A special camera is mounted inside the gadget, which has 7-mm magnetic coils. This allowed the manufacturer to improve the sound by using deep-toned bass.

This product can work up to 4 hours, the case allows three recharges. If you use only one earbud, its operating time will increase to 5 hours.

Experts suggest that, despite some shortcomings (the noise level has not been reduced, there is no data on the protection of the gadget from water and dust), the headphones will be a success among fans of this kind of products. After all, the main thing here is their price.

Audio-Technica Wireless M50x

The popular M50x from Audio-Technica now has a wireless version. They have no external differences with the regular version, but they have Bluetooth 5.0, support for AAC and aptX codecs.

M50x Audio-Technica

The company previously patented 45mm drivers based on high power magnets made of rare earth metal with coils wrapped in copper-aluminum windings.

The earbuds can be folded for easy transport. Their headband is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the ride height. The ear cushions are made of special foam rubber, it is soft and comfortable. The product also comes with a replaceable headset cable.

You can connect the M50x to any device that has an increased range and reduced power consumption. Once charged, they can operate for up to 40 hours in a frequency range of 15 to 28,000 Hz.

So far, only the price remains unclear.

HiFiMan Trio

HiFiMan announced three new products: Ananda planar, Susvara with a stealth magnet design and Shangri-La Jr with a tube amplifier.

The beauty is that these devices differ in sound quality and characteristics. This will allow any user to make the choice they want.

The installation of ultra-thin moving planar drivers on the Ananda model has increased the sensitivity. This made it possible to use them with any player or smartphone. They also have an asymmetrical cup shape, which contributes to long-term performance by repeating the shape of any user's ear.

Susvara is the new flagship of the firm. They have a thin aperture and a stealth magnet. This helps to reduce distortion and provide dynamic sound.


Shangri-La Jr introduces a class of tube amp electrostatic headphones. When creating their diaphragms, the possibilities of nanotechnology were used, which made it possible to make thin spraying. This increased the frequency range. It ranges from 7 to 120,000 Hz.

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