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How to remove Amigo browser


Many active Internet users have encountered spontaneous installation of the Amigo browser. This program is not limited only to its own installation - other applications appear on the PC (for example, mail), and some settings are changed, including the default browser.

This change often slows down PCs and just annoys users.

Amigo has arrived, but he is in no hurry to leave

Therefore, if this browser is not installed on purpose, it is better to uninstall it immediately. First of all, you need to activate the " Add or Remove Programs " panel. The fastest way to launch this tool is to launch the Run window (the corresponding item in the Start menu or pressing Win + R ) and use the command appwiz.cpl . A window will open listing all programs installed in Windows.

While searching, you need to remember that by default all elements are sorted alphabetically, you can also navigate by the recognizable icon of the annoying application. Then just select a browser in the list and use the " Delete " button, which is located above the list.

Remove Amigo only half the trouble

The process of uninstalling Amigo is initiated. However, the system will retain the Updater module, which is responsible for installing the browser. Accordingly, it is necessary to remove this component as well, since the browser can be installed again.

Next, you need to open the Task Manager, the " Processes " tab. In the list you need to find the Amigo installer process - it usually continues to function after you uninstall Updater. We call the context menu of the process and open its location. Without closing the directory, we return to the Task Manager and forcibly terminate the installer process.

And that's not all

The next step is to check the startup list. On the "seven" the utility msconfig is used for this; it is called by the command of the same name in the search window of the " Start " menu. Configuring the launch of programs at OS startup is carried out on the " Startup " tab. Starting with Windows 8, this panel has been moved to the Task Manager.

After all the manipulations, go to the previously opened directory with the bootloader and manually delete the entire folder. After completing all the steps, the utility will be guaranteed to be removed from the system along with the automatic installation module.

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Author: Jake Pinkman