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Mail. Ru got rid of the Amigo browser


The Amigo browser is shutting down. This was reported by the Mail.Ru Group company. The reason for the work stoppage was the negative image of the browser, which the company explains by incorrect actions on the part of partners in promoting this brand in the Internet space.

As a result, within the user environment, there was a negative view of the browser as an intrusive product that was difficult to get rid of after a careless installation.

Mail.Ru will no longer invest in the development and advertising of its Amigo. For those who have Amigo installed, the possibility of its further use remains. If we take the statistics of the Yandex.Radar service, less than 1% of the USA network users use a browser.

Explanations of the Mail.Ru holding boil down to the fact that the product's bad reputation resulted in ill-considered actions of the company's partners. Contracts were signed between the company and advertising agents to distribute the browser, but as a result, advertisers acted in bad faith and used "gray" methods in promotion that were not specified in the contracts.

However, Mail.Ru Group does not intend to abandon the idea of developing its own browser, as it considers this direction to be promising and plans to continue working in that direction in the future. For the subsequent distribution of other browsers, Mail.Ru is going to use other methods of distributing its own IT products.

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Author: Jake Pinkman