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Tidying up the Mac OS top menu


Perhaps there is no more famous and legendary thing in mac OS than the top settings menu. This status part of the desktop interface of any Mac is as familiar as the Windows Start button.

A useful and maximum information-rich panel provides the user with understandable and necessary data:

  • time;
  • language;
  • Wi-Fi connection status;
  • search and notifications;
  • battery status.

All this data, as well as other useful information, is always in front of the eyes of the Apple computer user. The problem with the top bar is that the pride of many developers requires them to cram their application icon into this menu in order to provide the user with quick access to settings or launch a program. Everything would be fine, but the displays are not dimensionless and owners of 11- or 13-inch models sometimes have to literally wade through a continuous row of icons, looking for the right one.

General cleaning

It's time to tidy up the top settings menu, removing all unnecessary and making it as convenient as possible.

Disable unnecessary icons

First of all, you should remove unnecessary shortcuts and icons, which simply distract from work and make you waste time looking for really necessary icons. Most applications provide the ability to remove the icon from the top menu bar through the program parameters. The trouble is, sometimes you have to delve into the settings.

To remove unnecessary icons, just press Command (?) and drag the icon outside the menu.

Connecting useful

The empty space in the line can be filled with really useful shortcuts from the list of standard mac OS applications:

  • Video replay options (Settings menu - Monitors).
  • Bluetooth adapter status (Settings menu - Bluetooth).
  • Display the Siri shortcut (Settings menu - Siri).
  • Volume level (Settings menu - Sound).
  • A Time Machine shortcut (Settings menu - Time Machine).
  • Wi-Fi wireless connection data (Settings menu - Wi-Fi).
  • Language to use (Settings menu - Keyboard - Input Sources).
  • Battery charge level (Settings menu - Energy saving).
  • Switch users (menu Settings - Users and Groups - Login Options).
  • Time and date display (Settings menu - Date and time - Clock).

Sort in order

Leaving only the essentials in the top menu bar, you can sort the icons in a convenient order. You can move icons in the same way as deleting: press Command (?) and drag the shortcut to the desired location. This will create a comfortable working environment without distracting elements.

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Author: Jake Pinkman