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Renewed Windows 10 images leaked


Microsoft has revealed what the revamped Windows 10 Start menu will look like thanks to an accidental leak from Microsoft. The upcoming Windows 10 update will strip the start menu of the familiar animated tiles. Based on the image of the declassified version of update number 18947 (which was intended for testers of the closed Insider Preview platform), the general principle of the external display of the menu remained the same, but there are still some changes in it.

What to expect from the new top ten

After one of the next updates of the operating system, the dimensions of the start menu will remain the same - it will also be located on half of the screen. At the same time, "live" tiles - a kind of visiting card of the tenth Windows - will replace static application icons.

If you recall the history, for the first time, animated tiles became an attribute of the new Metro UI, which was present in Windows 8. User response to the innovation was extremely mixed, most of the reviews were negative. Information about Microsoft's intention to replace "live" tiles with another solution began to appear at the beginning of 2019, although then market experts assumed that the corporation would return the start menu to a standard look, close to the style of Windows 7.


In addition to tiles, there are other innovations to come in Windows 10 menus. So, instead of the folders "Standard" and "Service", which after the update were not found in the updated "Start", a tab with suggestions was found. It will likely contain the most used and frequently opened programs.

The upcoming Windows 10 update for tablets also has a redesigned Start, but unlike the desktop version, program icons take up less desktop space (except for side icons).

New design to be

An update of the "dozens" with a new "Start" currently exists only for the 32-bit version of the OS, there is no solution for the 64-bit one yet. Although the corporation itself has not made official statements about replacing animated tiles with more modern or, conversely, classic solutions, the likelihood of a large-scale update of the start menu after one of the future updates of the "dozen" for all users exists. Microsoft's decision to end up moving away from tiled design may be due to overwhelming user reaction after Metro UI launched on Windows 8 without the classic desktop. Numerous requests for how to remove tiles in Windows 10 have sparked a series of third-party developments bringing back the familiar look of the desktop.


Version without "Start"

Microsoft may completely remove the start menu for some versions of the proprietary operating system. So, in February of this year it became known that the corporation is working on a special modification of the OS, where the Windows 10 Start menu is absent by default. This solution is intended for budget laptops and tablets. Its tentative working name is Windows Lite, while the system itself is presented as a competitor for Google Chrome OS. It is assumed that it will not have most of the options for a full-fledged OS, but the basic functions - the same "Explorer" along with the control panel will remain.

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