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Want to start using WhatsApp where to start?

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messengers for smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems. The application is one of the best free ways to communicate between friends and loved ones.

How to find and add contacts on WhatsApp

The first thing to do is check your phone numbers. Probably someone you know is already using the messenger. You don't need to do anything in the application itself - it automatically synchronizes information from your phone book with its database.

It should be noted that the phone numbers stored in your smartphone must be in international format, that is, "+“ country code ”“ phone number ”".

After you have verified the correctness of your contacts, go to the WhatsApp application and update your favorites list - your friends will appear there.

Photo List of your contacts

How to create a chat with WhatsApp users

After you have done the previous manipulations, you can send text messages to your friends, attaching videos and photos to them.

Chat with a user can be created by clicking on it in the application and selecting the appropriate function.

Photo User Chat

Default privacy settings

After starting work with WhatsApp, the manager automatically sets the standard privacy settings, which include:

  • the ability to view your last activity information, photos and profile information for each user of the system;
  • contacts can see your status updates.
Photo Displaying your status

How to make last visit invisible

To change these settings, you should go to this direction in the menu tabs:"Settings" - "Account / Account" - "Privacy / Privacy".

Photo Settings-account
Photo Select privacy section

Here the user can configure settings so that information about his last visit to WhatsApp is not displayed. But it's worth noting that by disabling this feature for yourself, you no longer see the time of the last visit of other users.

Photo Visiting time display

Privacy settings

In addition to the ability to change the setting for tracking recent activity, Privacy Settings includes a few other useful features, namely:

  • if the user disables the "Read Report", the messages sent to him will not be displayed as read, but in turn, he will not be able to see the status of the messages sent by him;
  • block the display of your profile photo;
  • setting restrictions on viewing user statuses;
  • group chats always have a read report;
  • by disabling the feature mentioned above, other contacts will not be notified when you view their statuses.
Photo Reading Receipts

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide an option to hide the Online and Printing statuses.

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