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What new items can we expect from Xiaomi in 2019


This company is one of the fastest growing. Only a few days have passed since the beginning of the year, and the public has already been presented with promising Xiaomi developments, which are scheduled for release in 2019.

Flexible Smartphone

This year should be a breakthrough year in the field of flexible gadgets. In the sense that the final development and revision of these devices will be completed, and ordinary users will have the opportunity to purchase them.

Such devices have already appeared on the network. Most likely, more prototypes of various companies will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

One of the insiders posted a video on the Internet that captures the moment of a small presentation of the Xiaomi mobile device, which is folded into three parts.


This suggests that there are several directions in which flexible products are being developed. This is one of them.

Analyzing the appeared image, we can conclude that this device has a touch screen, its sides are related to each other as 4: 3 or 3: 2. You can see how first its right side bends, and then, behind the screen, the left. The result is an aspect ratio that is familiar to a regular smartphone.

At the same time, at the moment of folding the product, most of the labels are transferred first to the middle and left halves, and then to the middle.

There is no information on the technical characteristics of the device yet. It is only visible that the product screen is not quite flat.

Charging accessory

Xiaomi produces not only affordable and high-quality smartphones, but also accessories for them and other gadgets. The Mi Power Bank 3 Pro product from Xiaomi will interest many. After all, it offers a lot of interesting things for an adequate price.

First of all, this is the maintenance of USB-C up to 45 watts in input and output. When using a 10W charger, it only takes 11 hours to charge the 20,000mAh battery. If a more powerful charger is available, this time is more than halved.

There are also two USB-A outputs. They are rated for 5V / 2.4A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A if only one port is used, or 5V / 3A if both are used.


The device provides pass-through charging. For example, if you leave it working overnight with connected devices, it will first charge them, and then it will store energy for itself.

The company's specialists assure that the USB Type-C port is capable of charging all mobile devices, including laptops. Among those, Apple products were gladly noted - MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and their alternative Google Pixelbook. This port also has two-way charging capability.

Recently, sales data for Mi Power Bank 3 Pro appeared on the manufacturer's pages. However, this information was soon deleted. Most likely, the unveiling of sales of the device was premature.

Thanks to this small misunderstanding, some of the data of the powerbank became known. Most of them were mentioned above. Its price has also become known - $ 29.

It will start selling in China on January 11th and later in other countries.

Smartphone Mi9

One of the users of the Chinese social network Weibo published the data of the Xiaomi Mi9 smartphone, the announcement of which has not yet taken place. In particular, the technical data of the apparatus became known. It was equipped with an eight-core processor, a screen with a fingerprint scanner and advanced photo capabilities.


The smartphone has a 6.4-inch AMOLED display. In its upper part there is a cutout for the front camera Sony IMX576 with 24 megapixels. The fingerprint scanner was placed under the screen. The main camera module consists of two 48 and 12 megapixel sensors and a three-dimensional ToF sensor. Also includes an LED flash.

The hardware is powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset with 6GB of RAM. He is assisted by the X24 LTE modem. The main memory is 128 GB. The 3500mAh battery is equipped with 32W fast charging. True, there is no wireless alternative.

Preliminary data indicates that the device will start working on the Android 9.0 Pie platform with the proprietary MIUI 10 software setting.

Insiders have indicated that the smartphone will be available from March this year at a price of $ 436. It's in China. Sales in other countries of the world will begin later.

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Author: Jake Pinkman