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John Wick's Women's Spin-Off Title Announced


Lionsgate is launching a female spin-off of the hit John Wick action movie series. According to the publication Deadline, the director of the picture entitled "Ballerina" has been appointed the creator of "Another World" Len Wiseman. It is alleged that the plot will center on a woman killer who seeks revenge on those who killed her family.

The character Ballerina was first mentioned in the third movie about John Wick. Whether Keanu Reeves, the title role performer, will appear in the spin-off has not yet been specified. The terms of work and a possible rental schedule were not announced, it is only known that Lionsgate is considering this project as one of the priorities.

Note that "John Wick 3" was presented to viewers in May 2019. He was successful at the box office, raising over $ 320 million with a production budget of $ 55 million. The fourth part of "John Wick" will be released in 2021.

Len Wiseman has a wealth of experience in making movies based on female characters. In addition to Another World and several of its sequels, he directed a new version of the fantastic movie Total Recall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman