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Lionsgate found successor for John Wick

Image John Wick may have a successor to match him. Cinematic universes are gaining more and more popularity in Hollywood, and the studio Lionsgate , which is just preparing the third part of the franchise about a mercenary performed by Keanu Reeves, decided to expand the world of " John Wick ".

As reported by the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the major has acquired a script application from aspiring writer Shay Hatten for an action movie called Ballerina , which could become the basis for a potential spin off "John Wick" . The only thing known about the plot of the film is that its main character will be a girl who was trained to be a mercenary from an early age. One day she decides to find the killers who killed her entire family. The project is compared to the painting "Nikita", but in style it will more resemble the works of Quentin Tarantino and Matthew Vaughn.

The spin-off will be produced by Basil Ivanik, whose company was behind the creation of the previous two parts of the franchise. As for the screenwriter of the film Shay Hatten , he is just beginning his career in big cinema - his first work, the script for the black comedy Maximum King !, managed to get into the famous Blacklist last year .


The screenplay was submitted to Hollywood studios last week. On the part of Lionsgate , expanding the John Wick universe is a smart move, since the franchise has enough potential for further development. Director Chad Stahelski plans to end the main series with a third film, and viewers love not only John Wick , but also his world - Continental , gold coins, The Board clans " .

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Author: Jake Pinkman