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John Wick is on the waiting list

Image The start of work on the fourth "John Wick" studio Lionsgate officially announced just a few days after the premiere of the third. However, the quad is likely to be delayed along the way as Keanu Reeves is in great demand right now. His colleague on "John Wick" Lance Reddick also speaks about it.

“A month ago, as far as I know, the fourth part didn't have a script yet. Work on it is in full swing, but the problem also lies in Keanu's busy schedule. He's signed on for the new The Matrix, and Bill & Ted's premiere is coming. So Keanu has to deal with three franchises at once, and I do not know which project will be next for him ", - said Reddick.

Everyone wants to kill John Wick, and everyone wants to work with Keanu Reeves. And if the new chapter of the adventures of "Bill and Ted" will only require the actor to participate in the promotion of the film, then the shooting of the fourth "Matrix" will take much longer. According to the latest information, they will begin in the first months of 2020, so John Wick seems to have to wait for Neo to complete his mission.


"Jock Wick 4" has already got a premiere date - it is set for May 21, 2021, but whether Lionsgate will have time to prepare a new part of the action franchise for this date is still unclear.

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