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John Wick is ready for mission 5

Image John Wick's mission is far from over. Movie fans have known for a long time that the franchise will be replenished with the fourth part, but now the head of the Lionsgate studio, John Feltheimer, announced the start of work on the fifth "John Wick".

It is noteworthy that the star of the film series Keanu Reeves and the director Chad Stahelski planned to complete the story of John Wick in the triquel, but in the process of filming they changed their minds. In the spring, Stahelski admitted to reporters that their plans extend beyond the quad, and now the studio has officially confirmed these intentions.

The shooting of the fourth and fifth parts will take place one after another, and they will start next year, when Keanu Reeves will have free time. The actor is no stranger to a busy work schedule: the sequel and triquel "The Matrix" were filmed in the same mode.


“John Wick” can rightfully be considered one of the most successful action franchises of our time. Not only did the three films earn a total of $ 584 million worldwide, but critics were delighted with what they saw every time. In the foreseeable future, the film series will also be replenished with a spin-off about a mercenary ballerina and a TV series about the Continental Hotel.

Source: Collider

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