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Murderous Ballet

Image If a successful franchise has not acquired a spin-off, or even two, then it is not working at full capacity. Apparently, this was the opinion of the leadership of Lionsgate when a couple of years ago they decided to expand the world of "John Wick" with a film called "Ballerina". Two years were silent about the project, but now that John Wick himself will definitely return to the big screens, the ballerina is ready to take up arms. Len Wiseman has been hired by Lionsgate to lead the action.

Wiseman's selection as the project's helmsman raises some concerns. Viewers are accustomed to the fact that the John Wick franchise is, first of all, well-staged action scenes. Neither Underworld and its sequel, nor Total Recall, which Wiseman worked on, could boast the same ingenuity in terms of fighting as the three parts of John Wick.

On the other hand, “Ballerina” can be saved by a fascinating plot. While it is known that the main character of the tape will be a young mercenary who intends to take revenge on those who killed her family. It is not yet known whether Keanu Reeves will appear in the spin-off, at least in a cameo.


Ballerina isn't the only John Wick spin-off that has been talked about in recent years. Also, the universe was supposed to replenish the series "Continental", however, according to the latest information, it will be released on the Starz channel after the premiere of the fourth "John Wick".

Source: Deadline

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