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Motorola Razr: a smartphone with non-standard specifications


Many aficionados of Motorola products and consumers alike are expecting the launch of its iconic product - the Motorola Razr clamshell smartphone. Several leaks recently appeared on the Internet, indicating that the device almost perfectly combines advanced technologies with proprietary features.

Renders new items

Several images of the device appeared on the Internet yesterday, confirming previous data.

Motorola Razr

It has now become clear that the manufacturer has abandoned physical buttons and a small screen. Instead, the product will receive a 6.2-inch display that stretches from top to bottom. Its aspect ratio is an interesting proportion - 22: 9. We can see that the smartphone is unusually long. In the upper part of the front panel there is a cutout for the earpiece. Unusual form factor. Almost all manufacturers put this element at the bottom.

The lower part of the smartphone is characterized by the presence of a powerful "chin". It is a must for a foldable gadget. Instead of forming a uniform thickness with the rest of the body of the device, this part is strongly protruding and has a bulge. But when the Razr is folded, it is flush with the rear panel.

Motorola Razr photo

In addition, the external speaker of the device was placed in this "chin".

The back panel of the smartphone in the unfolded state evokes a double feeling. The lower part is of no interest. The company logo was simply placed there. All the fun is at the top of this panel.

Second display and camera

There is another Motorola Razr display. With its help, the developers plan to add additional functionality to the gadget. It will support a number of unique features through pre-installed software. Such as Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera.

This unit does not have a front camera. For those who love selfies, the above display and main camera are provided.

Taking pictures by simply touching the main display with your fingers. The image that appears can be edited to make it smaller or larger. During this time the external screen displays a timer.

Motorola Razr camera

There is information at the level of rumors that the Moto Display application is needed to display push notifications on the secondary display and display other useful information, such as weather and time. To make the media content more colorful and attractive, the developers of the functionality have added small widgets that can be used when managing.

It is not yet clear how Moto Actions will be used. This application is known to provide gesture control of the device and its programs.

The possibilities of the additional screen do not end with these features. It is not known for sure, but experts suggest that the software developed by Motorola will be equipped with the ability to help users browse the web or some applications on the main display. To do this, they just need to slide their finger over it.

Technical stuffing

It is clear that Motorola Razr should combine all the most advanced. This must have touched the smartphone chipset. They must be the flagship - the most advanced processor. However, leaks do not support this assumption. Most likely, the Snapdragon 710 will be used as a chip - it is not the most productive, but it has characteristics that are above average.

He is predicted to have at least two memory configurations. The first of them will be simpler - 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, the second is more interesting - 128 GB of ROM and 6 GB of "RAM".

Most likely Android 9 Pie is used as the operating system, there will probably be a proprietary add-on. The smartphone battery is not powerful. Its 2730 mAh battery is only enough for active use during the day. The device is equipped with 27W TurboPower fast charging.

One of the images shows the Motorola Razr comes with a USB-C cable and a pair of USB-C headphones.

Motorola Razr screen

They have a 3.5mm adapter. Also, the gadget was equipped with a fast charger.

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