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Insider # 2.12: Apple iPhone 2020; HUAWEI nova 6; Xiaomi Mi10 Pro; clamshell smartphone from Samsung


In the next issue of insiders, we will inform our readers about the information regarding smartphones that have not yet been announced. First, let's talk about which iPhones will come out next year. Then we will discuss the technical equipment of the HUAWEI nova 6 and Mi10 Pro. At the end of the review, we will learn about the efforts of Samsung engineers who are developing yet another foldable device.

Five iPhone models expected next year

The announcement of new Apple products will not take place soon. Americans practice this in the second half of the year. Despite this, leaks have already appeared on the network regarding the company's smartphones, which will be released in 2020.

They discussed design features, device design, prices for them, and the developer's possible income. Recently, however, it became known that previously remained a secret. We are talking about the number of iPhone models, sales of which will begin at the end of next year.

Netizens claim that Apple will bring more smartphones to the market than expected. However, they will differ not only in design.


Substantial differences will appear within the same ruler. Versions with displays in dimensions of 5.4 and 6.7 inches will have only one modification each. The third model with a 6.1-inch screen will receive two configurations. Another difference in the equipment will be the use of a different spectrum of frequencies for 5G Snapdragon X55 modems, which are planned to be equipped with all of them.

Some iPhone models will operate up to 6 GHz, while others (more advanced and expensive) will receive millimeter-wave antennas.

All four of the above modifications will be equipped with OLED displays. The fifth, considered budgetary (presumably the iPhone SE2), will be equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD screen and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the front panel.

Another difference between new products and devices of previous generations will be the presence of a triple camera with 3D scanning technology.

Photos of yet unannounced HUAWEI nova 6 appeared

On December 5, the presentation of the HUAWEI nova 6 smartphone will take place. Experts believe that it will be sold in the middle price niche. Despite the aura of secrecy that has been preserved until now, insiders got hold of photos of the device.


On one of the images you can clearly see the external data of the device and the way of placing its cameras.

The main feature of the model is the presence of a dual front camera module. He was cut into the upper left corner of the screen. The main camera is represented by three lenses, the main one of which received a resolution of 60 megapixels. Assumes Sony IMX686 sensor is installed here.

It is also known about the presence of a time-of-flight sensor.


Previously, there was information about equipping the nova 6 with a 6.57-inch display. Also, insiders believe that the smartphone will receive a Kirin 990 processor.

Whether the product will have modifications is not reported. There is no information about the prices for it yet.

Mi10 Pro Smartphone Confirmed

Some Chinese manufacturers of mobile devices and other electronics have established a tradition of posting or making various information injections through the Weibo social network. Especially this resource was loved by Mr. Lin Bin, who is the president of Xiaomi.

He regularly brings the latest news of his company through this portal. Recently, the head of the enterprise revealed that Xiaomi has plans to develop the Mi 10 Pro gadget.

One of the users asked about the quality of the vibration motor, the installation of which is planned for this model. In response, Lin Bing explained that this mechanism will be one of the best in its class.


All this speaks volumes about the intentions of Xiaomi marketers and engineers. After all, before that, all the information that the official disseminated through the social network Weibo was always confirmed.

The exact date of the presentation of the new flagship device is unknown, but it is assumed that this will happen next year. Prices for it are not yet known either.

Samsung is developing its own modification of the clamshell smartphone

Samsung continues to increase the production of its products. At the same time, there was information indicating the desire of the Korean manufacturer to capture a significant amount of the segment of flexible devices.


Insiders claim that after the release of the folding Motorola RAZR (2019), Samsung decided to develop its own version of such a device. There are no details about the promising model yet, it is only known that it will receive the same form-factor as the Motorola device, but with its own nuances. Previously, similar aspirations have already been described on our pages.


It has been suggested that the Koreans will show the new foldable smartphone for the first time at the MWC 2020 forum, which will be held next February in Barcelona, Spain. Sales may start in the second half of the year.

The most interesting thing is that long before the announcement, it was announced that the cost of this device was lower compared to the Motorola RAZR (2019), which is priced at $ 1,499.

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