Insider # 9.02: iPhone 9; electric kettle Xiaomi; new filling for two Samsung smartphones; Redmi K30 Pro (Topic)

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Insider # 9.02: iPhone 9; electric kettle Xiaomi; new filling for two Samsung smartphones; Redmi K30 Pro


Almost every day, something interesting happens in the world of electronic devices. Data on new products appears, previous models are improved. Manufacturers are not always willing to talk about these processes. However, the public learns a lot from insiders - specialists with access to certain information.

Today our resource publishes a new portion of insider data. First, let's discuss the information about the imminent release of the budget iPhone. Then we will clarify the nuances of equipping an electric kettle from Xiaomi. After that, we will find out how Samsung plans to improve the performance of two smartphone models. At the end of the review, we will tell you about the fresh model of the Redmi device.

iPhone 9 video has appeared on the web

Most manufacturers of mobile devices are constantly looking for new solutions in terms of their design. However, there is one company that is also rethinking the external data of the previous generation models. This is Apple.

We are talking about the iPhone SE 2 smartphone, rumors about the imminent release of which are constantly circulating on the Internet. It is assumed that it can be called iPhone 9. Another confirmation of this is the appearance of a video on the network, which can be used to judge the external data of the device.


Admirers of the brand and specialists may notice that outwardly the product strongly resembles the iPhone 8, but has a number of key differences. So, he has a mint green body. There was no such color in the eighth line of Apple smartphones. You can also notice that the novelty has pronounced edges. IPhone 8 has rounded edges.

There is a negligible likelihood of a fake being shown, but this is unlikely.

Prior to that, our publication has repeatedly talked about this device. Its announcement is expected at the end of next month or early April. Insiders claim that he will receive a screen of 4.7 or 5.4 inches. It will cost about $ 400.

Xiaomi will release a kettle with a Bluetooth-module

The Chinese company Xiaomi has a wide range of products. Among its products there is a line of electric kettles, which is successfully developing. These gadgets come with a number of interesting features. Among them: remote switching on, maintaining the set water temperature and heating on a schedule.

Indian insider Mukul Sharma believes that a special version of the electric kettle will be released soon. His information is corroborated by data from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) regulator database.


It mentions a new gadget of the company Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro, the main feature of which is the equipment with a Bluetooth module. Its predecessors also received such functionality, but there is a possibility that the new product will be more advanced in terms of technical capabilities.

Two mid-budget Samsung smartphones will receive Galaxy S9-level hardware

Not so long ago, Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 devices went on sale. They are known to be powered by Exynos 9611 and Snapdragon 730 processors.

Recently it became known that the Korean developer plans to equip these smartphones with new chipsets. This retooling will result in increased productivity. Insiders claim that it will grow to the level of the Galaxy S9.

This will be facilitated by installing the chip. In addition to improving computing capabilities, they will have access to fifth generation networks. Galaxy A71 has already been tested with the new Exynos 980 processor in Geekbench.


It can be seen that the performance of the device has increased.

When the updated versions of smartphones will be presented and how much they will increase in price is not yet known.

New Redmi will not surpass Xiaomi Mi10 Pro in power

More than a week ago, Xiaomi introduced the Mi10 line of smartphones. This event was doubly enjoyable for the Chinese manufacturer as it happened on its 10th anniversary.

The admiration of users was caused by Xiaomi Mi10 Pro. He received the flagship processor Snapdragon 865, AMOLED display with a diagonal of 6.67 inches. Its resolution is 2340x1080 pixels, and the screen refresh rate is 90 Hz.


The device has 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. Its photo capabilities are especially worth noting. The main camera of Mi10 Pro has four sensors, the main one of which is 108-megapixel. Later, the vice president of the manufacturer on social networks spoke about the upcoming release of the new product of the subsidiary brand Redmi K30 Pro. Users were keenly interested in its technical capabilities, as well as their comparability with the Xiaomi Mi10 Pro.

Liu Weibing said that the K30 Pro will have more modest specs than the Mi10 Pro.

It is not yet clear what kind of leadership the second person in the company was talking about. Most likely, he meant the photo capabilities of the Xiaomi Mi10 Pro. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that the platform for these devices will be the same.

When Redmi will show its new product and how much it will cost is not reported.

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