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Insider # 4.05: LG smartphone with rotating display; Apple news; Samsung Galaxy S21


The pre-holiday insider release traditionally includes four information blocks. In the first, we will discuss rumors that LG is developing a smartphone with a display that can rotate. The second is about data from the Apple camp. We are talking about mini-LED-screens, the launch of production of which was postponed until the third quarter of this year. Therefore, this year on the market products with such displays will not appear. The culprit was the coronavirus pandemic, which crippled the production capabilities of not a single enterprise. In conclusion, let's talk about the features of the Samsung device.

LG plans to release smartphone with original form factor

The South Korean company is doing its best to regain the share of the smartphone market that it lost a few years ago. Not so long ago, our resource talked about a promising device LG Velvet, which will be released soon.


Today, rumors have spread about another project of the Korean manufacturer. Talking about the imminent appearance of the LG smartphone with a rotating display. This was reported by the Korea Herald. According to him, a device with such a form factor will hit store shelves in the second half of this year.

The device brief states that it will have two displays. They will be able to rotate horizontally.

This is not the first experience of using such a constructive solution. In the era of push-button smartphones, companies produced similar models. You can recall the features of such devices as Nokia 6260, Nokia N93 and Samsung Anycall SCH-V600.

Therefore, it is already possible to form the image of the future LG device now. It might look something like this.


Our portal does not claim the truth of this image, this is just an assumption.

The developers expect that this form factor will find its fans among fans of video content and game lovers.

There is evidence that the device will cost at least $ 816.

This is not all the news that came from the camp of the South Korean manufacturer. Still insiders claim that the company is developing a smartphone with a roll-up screen. It is expected to be featured on the MWC 2021 Forum.

Such a statement does not seem impracticable for the firm. After all, she already has experience in the production of OLED-TVs equipped with roll-up screens. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before it was introduced into smartphones.

From all of the above, one conclusion can be drawn. Regardless of what devices the brand from South Korea will present soon, the vector of development of one of its activities becomes clear. This is design. It is to him that Koreans intend to pay the most attention when creating new smartphones.

Apple canceled this year's mini-LED gadgets

Before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, rumors were actively circulating about Apple's launch of devices equipped with mini-LED screens.

The first such display should have been the iPad Air. This was announced by one of the network informers, but the publication MacRumors denied his arguments. In doing so, it referred to data obtained from the renowned analyst Ming Chi Kuo.


This specialist said that a viral infection made its adjustments, thanks to which a pandemic affected many enterprises. The start of production of such screens will take place only in the third quarter of this year. Therefore, devices with such displays will not appear on sale until the end of the year.

Experts expect the American manufacturer to bring to the market at least five or six devices with mini-LED screens. This technology is the most promising, it is believed that in a few years the number of gadgets with such displays will equal the number of devices equipped with OLED panels.

The first such copies will not be released until the middle of next year.

A feature of this type of screens is the ability to provide them with a contrasting and bright image. Also, mini-LED displays are capable of transmitting deep blacks. In addition, they have low power consumption compared to conventional LED arrays and high durability. This is facilitated by the presence of inorganic gallium nitride in mini-LED screens, which prevents burnout of the matrix.

Samsung Galaxy S21 may be equipped with 150MP camera

In mid-April, there was information about the camera characteristics of the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. The Korean manufacturer was assumed to be using a sub-screen sensor.

Recently, the technical features of equipping the main camera of the device became known. Insiders claim that the Galaxy S21 will receive four sensors, and the main one will be 150-megapixel.


Three more will work with it: a 64-megapixel telephoto lens, a 16-megapixel lens for wide-angle shooting and a 12 megapixel macro lens. It has a close focusing distance.

It is also known that optical stabilization will accurately equip a zoom lens, as well as a selfie module.

When the new product is presented, prices for it and more detailed characteristics will not be announced.

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