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South Korean tech giant Samsung keeps up with the times and continues its development. The company recently introduced several updated lines of its smartphones, a device with a flexible screen.

Recent leaks from the mill of this enterprise indicate that Korean specialists are developing an invisible front camera. There are also some speculations about the Galaxy Note 10. Let's talk more about that.

Curved Note 10 Display

Since the debut of the Galaxy Note Edge, most of Samsung's flagship devices have been equipped with curved displays. This was their main difference from analogues of other companies.

In recent years, this trend began to weaken, the curvature value gradually decreased. But more recently, rumors have surfaced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is built on old principles.

new Samsung smartphones

The Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 are known to have gracefully curved displays. Here, the manufacturer thus tried to emphasize the almost complete absence of frames.

Insider @UniverseIce said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is likely to receive a screen with a greater curvature than the Note 7. The latter did not have a large display curvature, so at this stage, it is difficult to talk about its degree in the new product. It has also been suggested that all these display games are just another move by a gadget developer to enrich the user experience.

An insider wrote on his blog that regardless of whether someone likes smartphones with curved displays or not, they will still remain a feature of the company's flagship devices. Also, according to his assumption, after the appearance of the Galaxy Note 10, other developers will continue to experiment with the introduction of curved displays.

The fashion for such screens has not taken root before, but now, when almost all possible solutions in this direction have been used, the appearance of something creative on the gadget market can give a new impetus to the development of devices with curved displays.

This example will surely become contagious. Moreover, data began to come from the OnePlus camp, indicating that their new OnePlus 7 will receive a similar screen.

new Samsung smartphones

There were also rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera. Earlier it was said that the front camera of the device would be built into its front panel. Then they began to say that there would still be a hole for it, but it would be small.

Recent information refutes all of the above. It is already known for sure that the eye of a selfie device will be placed right in the center, without moving it anywhere. This is necessary to create symmetry in the appearance of the future flagship.

What will be the front camera of Samsung smartphones

Recently it became known that the Koreans are working on the design of a selfie camera, which will soon hide under the display and become invisible. This was officially announced by a representative of the company, who spoke to reporters. However, only scant data have become known about this development.

It all started with the fact that almost all manufacturers of Android smartphones at one time copied the "bangs" from the iPhone X. Then they began to come up with various ways to first make it smaller, and then completely remove it.

The first on this path were Vivo and Oppo. The innovative Vivo NEX smartphone was equipped with a mechanically retractable "frontal". Oppo Find X received a slider form factor.


Samsung's management decided that these areas do not have much promise. They had their own take on the selfie camera problem. Recently, the vice president of the firm, speaking to the media, said that the company's engineers are working on the design of a front camera that will be built under the display. We have already spoken about developments of this kind before, but this message at this level was the first.

The goal of Samsung specialists was to develop a full-screen smartphone, the display of which will be absolutely "clean" from various holes and inserts. This eliminates the presence of any mechanisms or moving parts.

Experts agree that the company will achieve its goal. Her selfie devices will not be visible to the naked eye, and the display above the lens will be transparent when shooting, which is a significant plus.

A company representative did not say when to expect the announcement of a device equipped with such a novelty. This will most likely happen soon, otherwise it would not have been reported at that level.

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Author: Jake Pinkman