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OPPO Enco W31: inexpensive model with good sound


The wireless headphone market is overflowing. Nowadays, it is not easy to find a high-quality device that produces excellent sound. If we add ergonomics and good autonomy to these requirements, then the choice will be limited to several models. Among them will probably be an accessory from ORRO. He received a modern design, light weight and decent battery life. Let's tell you more about it.

Sound quality

This manufacturer has long formed its niche in the headphone market. This is especially true of the segment of inexpensive headsets. The new model - OPPO Enco W31 can be called versatile. It is suitable for listening to musical compositions of any genre. Interestingly, the device produces good sound quality regardless of what is played: pop, rock or classic.

It is gratifying that there is no feeling of lack of frequencies, as it happens when using headphones from some other manufacturers. This is due in part to two audio presets: balanced and dynamic.

Due to the presence of the most flat frequency response, classical and pop compositions sound good in the first case.

The second mode provides better reproduction of rich bass, which is good for rock and electronic music.

Enco W31 lacks aptX and a number of codecs, but this device is not intended for professional use. In a home or office environment, its capabilities will be sufficient.


Without restrictions, these headphones can be used outdoors or in the subway. There is enough volume margin. For some users, its maximum values may even seem redundant.

The downside of the model is the lack of active noise cancellation. Here only the above volume can come to the rescue. Passive protection is of little help in dealing with extraneous noise. It consists in the presence of ergonomic features of the model, allowing each of the accessories to fit snugly in the auricle.

In addition, in the case of telephone conversations, the electronic noise suppression system comes into play. It allows you to cut out ambient noise, preventing them from wedging into the dialogue. At the same time, the interlocutors note that they did not notice any difference between a conversation using the Enco W31 and a regular conversation on the phone.

Sophisticated design

The model is equipped with a complete case.


It is superbly assembled, when you open or close the lid, there are no extraneous sounds, squeaks. The cover is attached with magnets, which eliminates the possibility of accidental opening. There is a special button for pairing with other devices, above which a green LED is located.

So far, only white headphones are on sale, but black is expected soon.

Structurally, each earphone has a visual separation. There is a leg in the front part, and the main panel with a nozzle is slightly removed for better placement in the auricle.

This approach, in addition to good ergonomics, has another goal: to ensure the normal operation of microphones (there are two of them on each accessory). With this form factor, they do not overlap and constantly listen to their surroundings.

Synchronization and control

If you choose the right silicone eartips, the OPPO Enco W31 will sit securely and tightly in your ears. The delivery set includes two pairs of such seals. They differ from each other only in size.

There is no special program or utility for connecting and setting up headphones. To do this, use the Bluetooth search menu. In some cases, the gadget is quickly paired with smartphones of its own brand. In this case, the user receives information about the charge level of each earbud.

The process of synchronizing the Enco W31 with the audio source is fast. This is due to the special functionality that speeds up the connection and data exchange.

The device is protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the IP54 standard. It is not recommended to swim in them, but, for example, jogging in the rain will not harm the product.


Autonomy and technical characteristics

One charge of the earbuds will last for 3.5 hours. The charging case extends the autonomy up to 15 hours. The operating time of the product is influenced by the level of the used volume. If it is above 50%, then the battery life will decrease.

It takes 2 hours 30 minutes for a full charge cycle. There is a Type-C connector for this.

OPPO Enco W31 TWS headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect. They are equipped with 7mm drivers, SBC / AAC codecs, bass boost modes and parallel audio transmission to each earpiece.


Each earphone weighs 4 grams, including a 50 grams case. Already now the gadget can be ordered at a price of 6990 rubles.


The developers of OPPO Enco W31 made the main emphasis on versatility and quality sound. There are no dips in frequencies and sound artifacts. Additional advantages of the model include verified ergonomics, the presence of electronic noise cancellation during telephone conversations, the presence of protection from water and dirt.

Most users will be satisfied with the sound characteristics, the gadget can be used at home, in the office, on the street. This should be the key to its popularity, especially since the cost has it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman