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Black Adam will receive a solo movie

Image More recently, rumors have surfaced that Warner Bros. is poised to present the director of the long-running blockbuster " Shazam " So, Dwayne Johnson , who is assigned the role of the villain Black Adam , reported on social networks that his meeting with the leadership of the major was quite fruitful, and the bosses of WB they will make some kind of official statement soon.

As it turned out, this statement is not at all about the director of the picture. Informational site Deadline informs that Shazam will be divided into two projects, one of which is a blockbuster about the adventures of a teenager Billy Batson who knows how to turn into a superhero , and the second will be a delight for fans of Rocks . Johnson will not just play Black Adam in Shazam - the actor's villain will also receive a solo film.

The character first appeared on the pages of comics in 1945. Tet Adam (after reincarnation - Theo Adam ) receives the power of the Egyptian gods and turns into the villain Black Adam after uttering the magic word "Shazam" ... In the last decade, the story of the antagonist has changed somewhat, and now he is an anti-hero trying to clear his name.


Work on both projects will be carried out simultaneously, and it is not yet known which one will be the first to go to the big screens. At the moment, the director's chair for both Black Adam and Shazam is empty. True, the journalists wooed Brad Peyton (San Andreas Rift) as the director of the latter, but the WB management is in no hurry to confirm these rumors.

The premiere of Shazam is set for April 5, 2019 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman