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Black Adam is ready for battle

Image The superhero blockbuster "Shazam!" not only secured a sequel, but also opened the way for Billy Batson's main enemy from the comics - Black Adam. A couple of months ago, Dwayne Johnson, who has dreamed of playing a villain since ancient times, hinted that filming for the solo album would begin next year. It looks like The Rock was not cunning: Warner Bros. and New Line are already eyeing director Jaume Collet-Serre.

According to some sources, Collet-Serra is the main contender for the director's chair of the project. Others argue that the filmmaker is close to signing a contract with the studio. Be that as it may, "Black Adam" now has every chance of making it to the big screens within a few years.

The antagonist's solo album, who receives the power of the Egyptian gods thanks to a magic word, could have been released in the mid-2000s, but then WB did not manage to implement this idea. Then Dwayne Johnson joined the project, and his hero was supposed to become Billy Batson's main rival in Shazam! However, the bosses of the major changed their minds and postponed the audience's acquaintance with the colorful villain until better times.


Jauma Collet-Serra is known to moviegoers for his horror films "Child of Darkness" and "The Shallows", as well as action films with Liam Neeson. His debut in the superhero genre could have been the second Suicide Squad, but Zhauma chose to work with Disney. Just for the House of Mouse, the filmmaker organized Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson, and Scala seemed to enjoy working with Collet-Serra so much that he proposed him as the director of Black Adam.

Source: The Observer

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