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Shazam and Black Adam prepare to fight

Image This September, it will be five years since Warner Bros. signed Dwayne Johnson to play the supervillain Black Adam. Surprisingly, the Hollywood studio has never used an actor in the DC MCU. It looks like the Rock is tired of sitting on the bench. Recently, we reported on the long-awaited progress in the work on Adam's solo album, and now information about the upcoming meeting between the antagonist and the superhero Shazam has been leaked on the Internet.

The possessor of the power of the six ancient gods of Egypt is considered Billy Batson's most famous and dangerous rival. Johnson was expected to make his DC Universe debut in the Shazam! Comic, but at the last moment the studio replayed plans. Now the antagonist will be presented to the public in a film with the telling title "Black Adam".

The star of "Shazam" Zachary Levi told when his hero will finally face the sworn enemy. “I doubt Adam will be involved in the plot of Shazam 2, the actor admitted. -The studio wants to first shoot his solo album and only then do the crossover. I think that our heroes with Duane will meet either in the third film about the adventures of Billy Batson, or in the second part of Black Adam. I like this approach. If these characters sort things out already in the sequel to 'Shazam', we will have nothing to do in the next films. "


It is expected that "Black Adam" and "Shazam 2" will go into production in the first half of next year.

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