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Beware, Shazam!

Image The success of the film about the superhero Shazam will open the way to the big screen for another famous DC Comics character. As soon as David F. Sandberg's film comics earned rave reviews in the press and soared to the first line of the American box office, information appeared on the Web that Warner Bros. is finally ready to throw the main rival of Billy Batson - Black Adam into battle.

The WB management planned to introduce viewers to Black Adam back in the mid-2000s, but the first attempt to film comics about Shazam was a deafening failure. In September 2014, the film company officially announced that the role of the colorful antagonist of the DC universe went to Dwayne Johnson. Initially, it was assumed that Adam would make his screen debut in Billy Batson's solo album, but at the last moment, WB replayed plans. As a result, Rock's participation in the creation of the superhero franchise has so far been limited to producing Shazam!

Today Dwayne posted a short video on his Instagram in which he congratulated the movie comics team on a resounding success. The actor also let slip that the shooting of the film "Black Adam" will begin in about a year.


If all goes according to plan, Johnson will make his first appearance on the screens in his character's solo album, and then return to the DC Universe in the sequel or triquel "Shazam!"

Source: Comicbookmovie

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