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Mermaid vs. Hitler

Image 20th Century Fox has decided to present the audience with a bizarre mixture of fantasy and war drama. As reported by The Tracking Board , the Hollywood major has started work on the tape " Tides of War " * ( Tides of War ).

The film is set during World War II. Its main character will be a mermaid who falls in love with a young scout pilot and decides to help the Allied troops eliminate the secret Nazi superweapon ...

Tides of War is written by Grant Pierce Myers, who has received many accolades for his work on the adaptation of The Maze Runner. His immediate plans also include a dystopia about prisoners of the future, a fantasy film about the adventures of the Queen of Hearts from the works of Lewis Carroll and a crime drama about the confrontation between the special agent of the Ministry of Finance Eliot Ness and the famous gangster Al Capone.


Daria Tsertsek ("Eye") is attached to the project as a curator.

* - preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman