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Tom Hardy will play the dying Al Capone

Image In 2012, the sci-fi movie Chronicle revealed the talent of Josh Trank to the world, but last year's failure of the Fantastic Four movie comic strip almost ended his career. According to Deadline , the young director and screenwriter is ready to make an attempt to restore his reputation. Trunk will lead work on the Fonzo feed about the last days of the life of the famous Chicago gangster Al Capone .

Josh wrote the biographical drama himself. Capone has repeatedly become a hero of films and TV series, but usually he was shown in his prime, when the ruthless bootlegger was considered the king of the underworld of Chicago. Trunk intends to tell what happened to the crime boss after the special agent of the Ministry of Finance Eliot Ness was able to put him behind bars for tax evasion.

It is worth noting that the wordfonzoin America is used to describe an alpha male who likes to beat off women from other men. It was the love of Capone that played a cruel joke on him: in 1932, in a federal prison in Atlanta, he was diagnosed with syphilis. The development of a sexually transmitted disease soon led to serious disturbances in the work of the criminal's brain. In 1939, Al was transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where doctors determined that he was no more mentally fit than a 12-year-old. According to insider information, the film's script will focus on how the seriously ill Capone began to haunt the sins of his turbulent youth.


Alfonso Gabriel Capone will be portrayed by Tom Hardy . Curiously, the Briton could have played an American gangster five years ago. In 2011, Hardy agreed to play the boss of the Chicago mob in the crime drama Cicero, but Warner Bros. was never able to put it into production. Taking part in the creation of Fonzo will allow Tom to replenish his impressive collection of images of colorful lawbreakers. Hardy has already become Britain's most brutal criminal in Bronson, played the twin brothers Cray in The Legend and reincarnated as the leader of the Jewish gang in the series Peaky Blinders ( Peaky Blinders ).


The biopic Al Capone will be produced by Russell Ackerman (Mama) and Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction).

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