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Strangers among their own

Image The Makeready film company was founded just six months ago, but is already ready to seriously compete with the Hollywood heavyweights. Deadline learned that the young Los Angeles studio was ahead of Netflix, Sony and Paramount in the fight for the rights to film Matthew Baker's science fiction story The Appearance.

The details of the plot of the work of the young writer are still kept secret. To date, it is only known that it will focus on the first contact of earthlings with aliens, which outwardly will be practically indistinguishable from the inhabitants of our planet. Makeready reportedly intend to create a film inspired by Baker's story in the spirit of Arrival and District 9.

The book will be adapted for the big screen by Ian McAlister MacDonald (The Three Freaks), while Andrew Rona (Equilibrium), Alex Heineman (Air Marshal) and Pamela Abdy (The Man in the Moon) will be producing production.


Hollywood analysts estimate the deal between Makeready and Baker at seven figures. An early American author managed to successfully sell the rights to film adaptation of another of his short stories, The Transition. Streaming giant Amazon and creator of the TV series Fargo and Legion Noah Hawley are working on a sci-fi project based on its motives.

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