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Amnesia as a sentence

Image One of the brightest telenovelas of this winter was the fantastic action movie Altered Carbon, in the world of which the consciousness of a criminal can be transferred from one body to another. According to The Tracking Board, online service Netflix is ready to give viewers another curious look at the work of the penitentiary systems of the future. The management of the streaming giant has acquired the rights to film adaptation of Matthew Baker's science fiction story Life Sentence.

The details of the plot of the literary work are still kept secret. At the moment, it is only known that its action will unfold in the future, and the center of the narrative will be a criminal who decides to avoid a life sentence and agrees to participate in an experimental program to remove memory.

An active interest in the project was shown by the Apple television department and the French studio Gaumont, who were ready to implement Baker's story in the form of a TV series, but the writer preferred to conclude a deal with Netflix and insisted on a feature-length film format.


Matt Reeves' studio ("Monstro", "War of the Planet of the Apes") 6th & Idaho.

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