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Hollywood Films Planet of Exile

Image The beginning of 2017 turns out to be extremely rich in good news for fans of science fiction. A week ago, we reported that Fox 2000 has begun work on a film adaptation of Larry Niven's story "The Fickle Moon", and today it became known that Hollywood is preparing a film adaptation of yet another classic of sai-fay.

According to Deadline , Los Angeles Media Fund intends to bring the heroes of Ursula K. Le Guin's novel to the big screen Planet of Exile ". The 1966 book was set on the distant planet Verel. Several hundred years ago, an earth colony was founded on it, but since then, the inhabitants of the Spaceport have lost contact with the Blue Planet. Over the past centuries, the colonists also failed to find a common language with the locals.

Since Verel orbits the star for 60 years, each season on the planet stretches for 15 years. Will the approaching winter and the unexpected threat from space finally unite the colonists and the natives? ..


The acclaimed science fiction novel will be adapted by Daniel Steepleman . The young author first made a big name for himself in 2014, when his screenplay "Based on Gender" was included in the Black List of the best unrealized ideas in Hollywood. The film about the life of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to go into production this summer. Natalie Portman intends to play the main role in the biographical drama.

Los Angeles Media Fund was founded in September 2014. The first project of the company was the sci-fi melodrama "Space Between Us", which will be shown in theaters from today.


Mark Johnson will be hired to produce Planets of Exile . In 1989, this eminent producer won an " Oscar " for "Rain Man", and in the 21st century his list of awards was supplemented by two " Emmy " awards for his work on the cult series "In all grave. "

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