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Fox 2000 will show the last day on Earth

Image The film company Fox 2000 intends to make a nice present for fans of science fiction. According to Variety , the Hollywood studio has acquired the film rights to Larry Niven The Fickle Moon .

The story was first published in 1971 in the collection " All Myriads of Paths ". Already a year later, " Fickle Moon " brought the famous American science fiction writer the prestigious " Hugo " award. The story is told from the perspective of the writer Stan , who notices that the moon is shining unusually brightly. He suspects that the world is on the verge of death, as the sun has turned into a supernova. Stan decides to spend his last day on Earth with his girlfriend Leslie ...

In 1996, based on the story of Niven , one of the episodes of the popular television anthology "The Outer Limits" ( The Outer Limits ) was filmed.


The full-length adaptation of The Fickle Moon will be directed by James Ponsoldt , who has received many accolades for his work on films such as Breathtaking Time and End of Tour. The film adaptation of the science fiction classics will be produced by Sean Levy , who received his first Oscar nomination for Arrival the day before yesterday.

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Author: Jake Pinkman