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Don't Breathe horror will get a sequel

Image One of the best horror films of the outgoing year, many respected film critics recognized the film “ Don't Breathe ”. In an interview with the portal Coming Soon , its director and screenwriter Federico Alvarez admitted that he has already begun to compose the plot of the next chapter of a chilling story about a blind war veteran. Support for the Uruguayan filmmaker in the work on the script for the second part of the horror will again be provided by his compatriot Rodolfo Sayages.

We have only recently started work, but we already have a clear idea of how the story will develop, - said Alvarez . -I can't reveal all the secrets, but we were able to find a really cool idea to continue this story. The last thing we would like to do is follow the path of those who simply shoot the same film and add a new number to its title. ”

The studio management Sony is in no hurry to announce the start of work on the sequel, but Hollywood analysts tend to believe that the official announcement of the second part of " Don't Breathe " is just around the corner. This year, the action-packed, $ 10 million-budget horror film held the lead in the North American box office for two weeks in a row, and its global gross amounted to more than $ 152 million . After the picture was shot in the box office and earned flattering reviews from representatives of the specialized press, Sony is probably not averse to creating a new franchise based on it.


Fans of “ Don't Breathe ” will have to be patient as Alvarez is going to do another project first. Earlier this month, we reported that Sony bosses were so impressed with his work on a low-budget horror movie that they decided to invite him to take over the helm of the long-suffering sequel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In his new interview, the director announced that the adaptation of The Girl Who Was Stuck in the Web will be his next film.

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Author: Jake Pinkman