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The filmmaker stuck in Sony's web

Image Sony has been thinking about filming a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for several years now. At first, the major planned to film the remaining two books of the Stig Larsson trilogy in the format of one motion picture, but later the studio management nevertheless decided that the novel The Girl Who Trapped in the Web would serve as the basis for the sequel.

A year has passed since then, and at last there have been some progress in the work on the project. As the site Variety found out, Sony bosses are in talks with Federico Alvarez to take the director's chair for the second part. Previously, there were rumors that neither Rooney Mara nor Daniel Craig would participate in the filming of the sequel, but now the source writes that Mara will still return to the role of Lisbeth Salander .

The novel The Girl Who Was Trapped in the Web was released in 2015, and was written by David Lagerkranz, who was invited in 2013 to continue the series Larsson . The work was adapted by Stephen Knight (The Hummingbird Effect) and renowned Hollywood producer Scott Rudin (The Grand Budapest Hotel). In the fourth book, another investigation takes Lisbeth and the journalist Mikael Blomkvist into the world of state spies and cybercriminals, where the stakes are deadly.


The directorial debut for Federico Alvarez in full length was the horror movie Evil Dead: The Black Book, and this year his second film was released, the horror movie Don't Breathe, with a modest budget of $ 9.9 million earned $ 88 million at home distribution, and also received a lot of flattering reviews from critics and moviegoers. Also Alvarez continues to work on the adaptation of the Incognito comic series for Sony .

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Author: Jake Pinkman