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Don't breathe when zombies are around

Image In the world of cinema, a project is being planned that is more relevant than ever in modern conditions - its plot is directly related to the pandemic. True, Hollywood filmmakers do not want to shoot about the coronavirus, but zombies are another matter. It is reported that the other day for the horror called 16 States ("16 states" *), a serious struggle broke out, and the studio Lionsgate came out the winner.

The horror film will be directed by Federico Alvarez, known for the horror films Evil Dead: The Black Book and Don't Breathe. Both films earned high marks from reviewers, and "Don't Breathe" even won the right to a sequel. True, Alvarez's latest work, the thriller The Girl Who Was Trapped in the Web, turned out to be a rather mediocre sight.

The new project will allow the director to return to the roots, and Alvarez is able to scare the audience. The 16 States speech is about a mother trying to reunite with her family during a zombie pandemic. The script for the film was written by Glenn Ficarra and John Recua ("Focus") last year, but only now it has attracted the attention of studio bosses.


The Lionsgate project has already been compared to the film I Am Legend, one of the most iconic films in Will Smith's career. You can place bets on which of the actresses will confront the revived dead. The question is whether the project will lose its relevance, because until Hollywood comes to its senses and the work on the horror is completed, the topic of the pandemic may become uninteresting to the audience.

* - preliminary translation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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