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Sony won't leave a supervillain in trouble

Image For many years, Hollywood has been trying to film a series of graphic novels Incognito by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips . Initially, the adaptation was handled by 20th Century Fox and screenwriter Robert Shenkkan, and then the rights were transferred to Sony . Last summer, the major invited Federico Alvarez to lead the shooting of the project, but there was no other news about the tape.

Now, after the release of the horror movie Don't Breathe, Alvarez is ready to start filming Incognito , and Daniel Casey ( "Secrets of Fenville"). It was he, according to the site The Hollywood Reporter , who was entrusted with writing the script for the future film.

The Incognito comic series tells the story of a brutal villain named Zach Overkill , endowed with superpowers. Having testified against his own boss, the hero gets into the witness protection program. To dull his abilities, he takes a special drug, and the life of Zach working as a postman turns into a series of boring days. Over time, Overkill decides to become a city avenger, but his boss Black Death finds out about it, ready to take revenge at any cost ...


The film "Don't Breathe" , which earned positive reviews and more than paid off at the box office, once again proved that Alvarez is a master in the thriller genre, which means that with a good script, the film maker is quite you can make Incognito a hit movie like Deadpool.

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Author: Jake Pinkman