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Leatherface will be back

Image Rumors of a new reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre have been around for years. In 2018, Hollywood studios got involved in a fight for the rights to the franchise, and Legendary emerged victorious from this battle, and last year it became known that Federico Alvarez ("Evil Dead: Black Book") would be the producer of the potential project. Finally, the reboot received the green light from the major and got directors.

Ryan and Andy Tohilla will try to bring Leatherface back to the big screens. The duo's debut full-length work was the dark thriller "Excavation", so the new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" shouldn't have any problems with the atmosphere. The script for the new film will be written by aspiring author Chris Devlin, and Rodolfo Sayages (Don't Breathe) will be the producer along with the aforementioned Alvarez.

“The idea of Tohills is exactly what the fans want,- Alvarez said in an official statement. -The film in their vision should turn out to be cruel, fascinating and so immoral that the audience will remember for a long time ".


A year ago, Alvarez's idea was to reboot "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" like the last "Halloween", that is, to shoot a sequel to the original film, ignoring the events of all other parts of the franchise. It is not known whether Federico remained with his opinion and whether the Legendary leadership supports him in this.

Source: Variety

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