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James Franco Launches Drunk Fireworks

Image Another project has been added to the list of Stephen King adaptations: Rabbit Bandini Productions and Rubicon Entertainment are adapting the story Drunken Fireworks , and the main role in the drama will be performed by James Franco . The information portal Deadline informs about it.

Also, the source does not exclude the possibility that the actor will eventually lead the filming of the adaptation. The script for the project is written by Matt Rager, who has worked with Franco on more than one occasion. The duo has three joint projects - tapes “When I was dying”, “And we lost the battle” and “Noise and Fury”.

Drunken Fireworks is a satirical story about the confrontation between a rich mechanic and a family with connections in the criminal world. Alden McCosland ( Franco ) lives with his mother in a house by the lake. Every summer, the Massimo family comes to the mansion opposite, and one day a serious war breaks out between the neighbors. The main goal of the rivals is to launch the coolest fireworks on Independence Day. When the Italians surpass Olden , the latter realizes that he is ready to do anything in order to bypass the competitor next year.


In recent years, James Franco has been actively pursuing not only an acting, but also a director's career. So, now he is busy on the site of the sci-fi film "World of the Future", the shooting of which he himself is in charge.

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