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Franco and Rogen will show you how not to make a movie

Image According to the portal The Tracking Board , Seth Rogen is close to becoming one of the roles in the movie " Catastrophe " of his frequent on-screen partner James Franco .

The joint project of the production companies Rogen and Franco is a film adaptation of the memoirs of the same name by Greg Sestero. The book devotes the reader to the details of the friendship between the author (a young, successful actor) and the eccentric, mysterious and unpredictable Tommy Wiseau. The culmination of their friendship is the joint work on the film Waiso "Room", which later became a cult.

The director of the film James Franco will play the role of the eccentric Tommy , and his brother Dave will portray the author of the book on the screen. It is not yet known what role in the production is assigned to Rogen , who is producing the film adaptation with Evan Goldberg. The film was written by Scott Neistadter and Michael H. Weber. Filming is due to start in December.


A romantic drama written, produced and directed by Wiseau , who also starred in it, is considered by many to be so bad that it is good, unique and loved. The whole farce that is happening on the screen, as it becomes clear from the book, is often not written or played - this is what really happened on the set. Having no cinematic knowledge, but still making a movie Tommy , rewriting the script on the fly, destructible, recoverable and re-destructible scenery - all these factors were confidently resisted by the six millionth budget and the director, despite everything continuing believe in success ...


In 2016 James , Dave and Seth are set to appear on screen in yet another dramatic comedy Francocalled Zeroville. The latest collaborations of Franco and Rogen include the drama Noise and Fury, the comedy The End of the World 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood Style, Interview.

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Author: Jake Pinkman