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Another novel for James Franco

Image As it became known to the information portal Variety , the book lover James Franco continues to show interest in popular novels that could form the basis of potential full-length films. This time it is reported that he will take the director's chair and will produce the screen version of William Gay's debut book The Long Home . Franco will be produced by Vince Jolivette (Child of God).

The novel is set in the 1940s in Tennessee. A young and hardworking carpenter is hired to build a cheap bar. The problem is that the local tycoon, the project sponsor, often comes to the construction site. It was this fantastically rich and vile man who killed the protagonist's father many years ago. Now the young man has to make a number of difficult decisions in order to resist this devil in the flesh.


At the moment, James Franco is busy on the set of the film And Lost the Battle, based on the novel of the same name by John Steinbeck. The actor will also act as a director and producer in this project. In addition, in the track record of Franco -film-maker there are already screen versions of two books by William Faulkner - "Noise and Fury" and "When I was dying."

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Author: Jake Pinkman