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James Franco to play pickup guru

Image James Franco continues to prove that he is called one of Hollywood's most hardworking stars for a reason. Entertainment Weekly has learned that the American actor, screenwriter and director has struck a deal with producer Damien Gregory to produce four films at once.

It is expected that each of these paintings will have its own genre, and their total budget will be about $ 60-80 million . The first to go to work will be the film " Game " based on the book of the same name by Neil Strauss.

When he was a journalist for the New York Times Strauss he conducted research into a community of so-called pick-up artists, in which men share their experiences of seducing women. Neil was so carried away by this topic that he first created a fictitious person to hone his pickup skills, and then described his adventures in the pages of a book. Thanks to the description of non-trivial methods of dating girls, " Game " became a bestseller and for a long time topped the top sales in the online store Amazon .


Franco intends not only to take over the production functions, but also to play one of the main roles in the film adaptation of " Games ". The actor will embody the image of the famous pick-up artist Eric von Markovik, nicknamed Mystery , with the help of whom Strauss managed to find out many secrets of the world of modern ladies' men.


The film's production team will also include Vince Jolivette, whom Franco is already familiar with from Rough Vacation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman