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Elementary, Leo!

Image Having received a Oscar for his participation in the drama The Survivor, Leonardo DiCaprio added several interesting projects to his plans for the future, but so far he has not managed to take part in the filming of at least one of them. Today this list will be replenished with one more item: according to the portal Deadline , the studio Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to film adaptation of the book by Stephen Talty The Black Hand ( The Black Hand ) with the expectation that DiCaprio will play the main role in the film adaptation. Also, the actor and his company Appian Way will be producing the project. At the moment, a search is underway for a screenwriter who is ready to adapt the original source.

The book Talty tells the story of Joe Petrosino , a brave New York policeman who declared war on a brutal Italian gang. They kidnapped people and then pulled money from the families of the victims. They were hated by respectable Italian families, despite their fear, still helping Petrosino . Joe was an immigrant himself, and therefore did not abandon attempts to track down the gang, but, unfortunately, he died due to their fault.

Joe came to America as a child and as a child he was cleaning shoes near the police station. Inspired by the work of the cops, he chose this path. Before his death, Petrozino managed to arrest and deport dozens of criminals. He was killed in 1909 - Joe went to a meeting with an informant, but death awaited him there. It is curious that for his dedication and desire to find out the truth Petrosino even received the nickname of the Italian Sherlock Holmes .


The list of future projects for DiCaprio is quite extensive. For example, he has long dreamed of working with Martin Scorsese on The Devil in the White City. Also Leo is preparing a secret film with Survivor screenwriter Mark L. Smith and plans to star in the crime drama The Crowded Room.

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