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DiCaprio wants to put on his own freakshow

Image Just yesterday we reported that Leonardo DiCaprio intends to become the producer of the superhero film Captain Planet, and today his company Appian Way together with the studio Paramount b>plans to buy out the film rights to Truevine: Two Brothers, A Kidnapping, and a Mother's Quest; A True Story of the Jim Crow South . The information site The Hollywood Reporter writes about this.

According to the source, DiCaprio will not only share the production functions of the project with Jennifer Davisson, but may also play in the film. However, while the film adaptation has no director or screenwriter in mind.

Beth Macy's novel tells the story of two African-American albino brothers Willie and George Muse , who were kidnapped by a curiosity hunter when they were still young to be exploited in a circus. What they just did not have to visit - and cannibals from Ecuador, and ram-headed people, and ambassadors from Mars. For 28 years, the boys' mother did not lose hope of returning the children. Beth Macy wrote the book after much research and numerous interviews and tried to answer the question of what would be better for boys - to perform on the world's best stages, even if they become the embodiment of racist stereotypes, or to live at home in poverty.


After The Survivor, DiCaprio took a break from his acting career, but focused on various production projects. So, being an ardent environmentalist, he had a hand in the creation of the documentary "Before the Flood", which will be released at the end of the month.

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Author: Jake Pinkman