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Leonardo will play Leonardo

Image There is a legend that Leonardo DiCaprio first began to push in the womb of his mother, when she was in one of the Italian museums. Since before the eyes of the pregnant woman at that moment there was a picture of the great artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci , she decided to name her son in his honor.

It seems that fate wanted DiCaprio to become an actor and play his legendary namesake. According to the publication Deadline , a serious battle has unfolded in Hollywood for the rights to film adaptation of Walter Isaacson's book “ Leonardo da Vinci ”. Studios Paramount and Universal are participating in the auction, each of which is ready to write a seven-figure check to the writer. At the same time, both majors have already announced their desire to involve DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson - Appian Way Productions in the creation of the film about the life of the famous Italian.

Rumor has it that Leo himself is ready not only to act as a producer of a biographical drama, but also to play the main role in it.


Hollywood insiders believe Isaacson will choose Paramount . Several years ago, the writer sold the film rights of his book Steve Jobs to Sony , but eventually the project came under the wing of Universal . In the fall of 2015, a biographical drama about the founder of Apple Corporation successfully performed at several film festivals and began to receive very favorable reviews in the press, but then the studio completely failed its advertising campaign. The tape started in the North American box office from only seventh place, and two weeks later the bosses of Universal took it off the market.

Walter's new book will go on sale this October. According to representatives of the publishing house Simon & Schuster , while working on his work, the popular American writer used the diaries of Leonardo da Vinci . On the pages of the novel Isaacson , the genius of the Renaissance will appear as a real outcast of society - a vegetarian, homosexual and a heretic.


It is expected that the writer will make the final choice in favor of one or another film studio in the coming days.

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