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God of Thunder is ready for Mortal Kombat

Image After the epic fantasy Warcraft more than recouped its $ 160 million budget, Hollywood studios became convinced that film adaptations of popular video games could become box-office hits. In an interview with the British publication Loaded , actor Christopher Lambert made it clear that New Line Cinema is ready to launch a new film in the franchise “ Mortal Kombat ".

Lambert played the role of the thunder god Raiden in the first part of the film series, which was not only warmly received by gamers, but also earned more than $ 122 million at the worldwide box office. budget of $ 20 million . For many years, there were rumors that Christopher did not take part in the creation of the sequel due to the busy shooting schedule, but now the actor himself called the weak script the main reason for refusing to shoot in Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation. Time has shown that Lambert was right: the second part did not win either film critics or the public. It seems that the actor likes the plot of the third film much more, because after two decades he decided to consider the invitation to return to the image of Raiden .

"The studio has a great idea for a new film," said the actor. -We will have time travel, which we plan to implement in the most non-trivial way. Imagine a fight right in the middle of London. The soldiers fly through some shop window, and after a moment they find themselves on the roof of a New York taxi. ”


Officials for New Line Cinema are in no hurry to confirm that the new film in the franchise has finally been taken off the shelf: the third " Mortal Kombat " has been in development since 2011 of the year. A year earlier, the talented director Kevin Tancharoen made his own money for the short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, which delighted fans of the game series. Soon, the filmmaker was entrusted with the work on the series "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" ( Mortal Kombat: Legacy ), which also managed to win a lot of compliments from gamers and critics.

It was expected that Tancharoen would get a chance to start working on a feature film in spring 2012, but at the last moment the film company decided to revise the project budget. In anticipation of the studio bosses' verdict, the director managed to film the second season of Legacy , but eventually Kevin had to give up the director's chair of the film adaptation due to the fact that New Line Cinema has decided to cut the costs of its creation in half.


The project last made its mark last August when James Wang was appointed producer (Saw: The Survival Game, Fast and Furious 7). The new Mortal Kombat was originally planned to be a complete reboot of the franchise, but the words of Lambert make it clear that there may be room for the stars of the original.

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Author: Jake Pinkman