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Star Wars is advancing on all fronts

Image Earlier this month, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy admitted that Disney studio executives have begun creating a roadmap for the next decade for the Star Wars franchise. Fortunately for a huge army of fans, the Walt Disney empire did not make its designs a secret with seven seals.

According to Deadline, during a video conference with investors, the head of the Disney studio, Robert A. Iger, announced the start of work on a live-action series and a new trilogy based on the George Lucas saga. The official site of the franchise has already made it clear that the announced trilogy will not be associated with the main film series. Apparently, she, along with other spin-off stories about the Skywalkers, will be included in the Star Wars anthology. The Major already has experience in creating such projects: last year the blockbuster Rogue One was released. Star Wars: Tales ", and at the moment Han Solo's solo album is being prepared for release.

A new series of spin-offs promises to give viewers a journey to a distant corner of a galaxy far, far away, where they will meet with previously unknown characters. The plot of the trilogy will be developed by director and screenwriter Ryan Johnson, who will present the eighth episode of the saga to the public next month.


The desire of the Disney bosses to continue working with Johnson looks quite logical, because in his person the studio has finally found a problem-free director. Earlier, the major often had serious conflicts with the directors. First, on the eve of the official announcement of the spin-off about Bob Fett, Josh Trunk was removed from the director's post, then Gareth Edwards was removed from the filming of his "Rogue One" Hana Solo.

Johnson is reported to be directing the first part of the new trilogy.Star Wars are rightfully considered the greatest modern collection of myths, - said the filmmaker. "I am looking forward to continuing my partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney."


As in the case of Johnson's trilogy, the details of the plot of the series based on the famous cinematic universe are still kept secret. The legendary space saga has already successfully toured the small screens with animation projects such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. Now Disney executives are finally ready to film a multi-part live-action drama. It is possible that we are talking about the long-awaited revival of the series "Star Wars: Underworld", which in the middle of the last decade was developed by George Lucas himself. Rumors of a possible resuscitation of the ambitious project arose at the beginning of this year, but to date, Disney officials have not yet confirmed this information.

In the coming years, the Walt Disney Empire hopes to launch its own online service that could compete with streaming giants Netflix and Amazon. It is quite natural that the management of the corporation wants to please users not only with their classic films and animated hits, but also with completely new content. The creation of an expensive game series based on the cult franchise will certainly help the corporation's online service acquire an impressive army of subscribers.


The future certainly promises new hopes for fans of the space saga, but for now they froze in anticipation of the release of the eighth episode of the main film series. The blockbuster "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will premiere on December 14th.

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Author: Jake Pinkman