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Infinity is not the limit

Image In April 2013 at the CinemaCon festival, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn joked that Star Wars would be filmed before the death of the universe. As it turned out later, the Walt Disney Empire is really seriously considering the idea of turning the cult franchise into an endless saga.

By now, the House of Mouse has already released the seventh episode of the main film series and the first spin-off of Star Wars. Recently, Disney has completed the filming of Han Solo's solo album, and next month it will present the second part of the third trilogy to viewers. Rumors circulated in Hollywood this spring that the Skywalker saga will be completed in Episode 9, which will be released in USA on December 19, 2019. It was rumored that in the future, the Walt Disney company intends to focus on working on numerous spin-offs about the famous inhabitants of a distant, distant galaxy.

Speaking to hosts of The Star Wars Show, Kathleen Kennedy announced that the franchise owners have already begun planning a number of new films. “We are currently discussing ideas for a film series for the next ten years, - said the head of the studio Lucasfilm. -We are considering creating new stories for characters like Rey, Poe, Finn and BB-8. We also plan to partner with filmmakers who dream of diving into the Star Wars universe. and send viewers to uncharted corners of a distant, distant galaxy. This wonderful world gives filmmakers truly endless possibilities.


Kennedy's words make it clear that Disney and Lucasfilm have not yet given up on the idea of creating a tenth episode of the main film series. The franchise owners also clearly intend to continue filming the saga's spin-offs. Boba Fett's solo album is already in development at Hollywood studios. According to insiders, in the coming years, viewers can also expect films about the adventures of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.


The return to a galaxy far, far away will take place on December 14 this year, when the blockbuster "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will be released in theaters.

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