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Star Wars: Lucas Returns

Image Earlier this month word went through Hollywood that Disney would re-canon Star Wars and retrace its third trilogy. Today, another curious rumor has surfaced on the web that indicates that Disney people are disappointed with the latest films in the series.

Insiders claim that Disney is unhappy with the work of Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy. Han Solo's solo album failed at the box office, the box office of the last trilogy sank from $ 2.07 billion in The Force Awakens to $ 1.05 billion in Sunrise, and the future of the MCU hung in a fog. The only outlet for the audience was TV, which pleases with the space western "Mandalorian" and fascinating animated series

Rumor has it that Disney has finally found a solution to the problem. It will be the return of George Lucas, who will replace Kennedy as president of Lucasfilm. Recall that the creator of Star Wars sold the company and the rights to the franchise in 2012. Rumor has it that George had a good rest, gained strength and is ready to return to the space saga with new ideas.


Disney and Lucasfilm officials declined to comment.

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