Berlinale laureate to talk about ISIS recruits (Topic)

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Berlinale laureate to talk about ISIS recruits

Image Director Mohamed Ben Attia is ready to further explore the topic of generational conflict. The Tunisian made his big-screen debut last year with Hedi, about a 25-year-old man who decides to rebel against his domineering mother. The drama took part in the competitive programs of several major world film shows and brought Mohamed one of the awards of the 66th Berlinale .

According to Variety , Ben Attia intends to devote his next film to the problem of the relationship between fathers and sons. As admitted by Mohamed himself, while preparing to work on “ Hedi ”, he heard on the radio a radio report about a man who went to Syria in search of his offspring. The director immediately got the idea of creating a picture about a Tunisian man who learned that his son had decided to join the ranks of the Islamic State.

The Mohamed project is reportedly supported by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, the Doha Institute of Cinematography and the French Aide aux Cinemas du Monde Foundation.


As in the case of “ Hedi ”, Ben Attia intends to invite not only professional actors to the casting, but also people without theater and film education. Filming for the new movie Mohamed is expected to start in October this year in Tunisia.

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Author: Jake Pinkman